NEW Maru: You Kinda Have To Wonder…

….what is going on inside The Circle’s head at this point. #Whackadoodleeyes

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Maru box



  1. He looks like he’s plotting world domination!

  2. Maru’s got a little box-hab meditation going on there…

  3. I think secretly he is worried about wrinkles and he is doing a face tightening exercise…

  4. A scratch! A scratch! I see a scratch on that perfect floor!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Now I don’t feel so bad for not cleaning my kitchen this week.

  5. Hmm…he’s stuck, but too proud to admit it? Or he got tired of ‘thinking outside the box’ and now he’s thinking inside it?

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    Maru, PLEASE blink! You’re scaring me!

  7. ScoutsMom says:

    Not sure about this, but by most of his box choices, I think Maru may resent being called “the Circle” and would prefer to be called “the Square”.

  8. “Become the box. Be one with the box.” 🙂

  9. His head is in so tight, he can’t blink. And as Smartypants says, stuck, but too proud to admit it.

  10. Excuse me but is that actual UNTIDINESS behind Maru? No wonder he’s freakin’ out. No shade on the person of the house but just that tiny pile of clutter gave me hope. As for Maru, do not ask why. Because; Maru.