BUNS On The Run

Let’s head up to The Great White North for this story- it seems BUNS are stowing away in vacationers cars! So BUNS are on the…Lamb?

(Karen S.)



  1. I can’t believe how scared the bunneh had to be, riding up under the car for 7 hours! So very glad he had a happy ending. It was special that the couple took him back to his natural home, to be with his wild bunneh friends. Who would think to check under the car for a stow away bun?

  2. I live a couple hours away from there. It’s an awesome spot and the bunnies are super cute.

  3. ummm…not to be debby-downer, but those are not wild rabbits. Those are clearly the offspring of domestic rabbits that have been dumped. It would be fantastic if perhaps they could do a trap/neuter/release program at this point– domestic bunnies should never be “set free”— they just don’t survive. I’m glad that the people of this area love the buns enough to care for them.

  4. Canada, let me in! I’m really nice! I like bunnies and Degrassi!

  5. I know where at least one Bun is. (Hint, check my name.)

  6. This is absolutely precious, but Shazzy is correct, those are domestic bunnies. That’s also why the buns allow people to pet them. It’s great that they are so well cared for by the resort. Since this was a news piece, I wonder if they have been contacted by animal groups who would help out.

  7. Do they bring the bunnies inside over the winter?Nova Scotia is as opposite a spring destination as you can get during the winter.

  8. Ninja bunnies.

  9. Kathy from Nova Scotia says:

    the bunnies of White Point are well cared for by visitors and staff. some of my family members go down on winter weekends and always bring treats for the bunnies.

  10. The spokesperson said they’d had buns there for twenty or so years! I can’t believe the place isn’t overrun by now!

  11. I’ve always heard of cats, racoons and possoms climbing into cars to keep warm in winter, but stowaway bunnies is new.