Caturday: Boomer, Meet Sand.

Sand, meet Boomer! This little kitteh is eleven weeks old and is hitting the sand for the first time. Looks like it might be fun to…DIG into it, right?




  1. Love it…sooooo happy to be playing in the sand! Looks like a good time was had by all involved!!! Thanks for sharing and that’s one beautiful kitten 🙂

  2. (1) 2nding the BEAUTIFUL kitten; (2) love that the kitteh taste-tests the sand; (3) the world is your litterbox(?)!

  3. Wonder what breed he is, Boomer looks like a baby snow leopard.

  4. Boomer is a such a cutie! I would be nervous about my cats mistaking the sand for their kitty litter. 😮

  5. The Original Jane says:

    Gorgeous kitty! Maybe next time they’ll actually get to the beach?

  6. “it’s the biggest litterbox I’ve ever seen!”

  7. Boomer looks like a Bengal.

  8. In the “Official Boomer Introduction” video that comes up as a choice at the end of this video (at least for me), the owner confirms Boomer is a Bengal. He’s a playmate for Didga, the awesome skateboarding cat!

  9. Kitty somersaults are just about the best thing in the world.