Grin And Bear It


(As seen on the Nat Geo Wild FB.)

BONUS BEBEH BEAR VIDEO HERE: Watch a GoPro™ get punched out.

From Mashable.



  1. OMG that face! Totally teddy bear model. The cubs climbing were adorable but I also enjoyed the mom. She was like “ok babies, that is far enough, back down we go”. Then cub rubs under mom’s chin and she is all like, “what are you doing? I’m not your personal towel” *gently shoves away*

  2. I agree with ffleur2–that face! And who doesn’t love watching a bear kick the s*** out of a camera? I’ll be laughing all day.

  3. Incredibly cute and sweet, love the cub with Mamma towards the end! LOVE!

  4. Oh, the baby bear butt wiggling its way down the tree! Go, little bears!

  5. Where’s the Steiff tag?

  6. The Original Jane says:

    Dang! Teddy bears are REAL!

  7. Get out!! How is that even possibly a real bebeh bear?

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    So much for the idea that adult grizzlies can’t climb trees…

  9. Note to self: if pursued by a bear, don’t bother climbing a tree.

  10. Stieff WISHES they had a bear this cute.