Kick This, Buddy

WARNING! This video contains disturbing scenes of what can happen when a fierce attack dog thinks its owner is threatened. Viewers, if you have a weak stomach, we urge you not to watch this graphic display of grisly, horrific carnage!



  1. I love your site

  2. This is super adorable … but not a very good idea in practice … you don’t want to encourage your puppy to chase or attack people, or you may later wind up with lawsuits and possibly having to put your friend down.

  3. Microdog to rescue!!! 😀

  4. Well, to THE rescue anyway… :-}

  5. Slappy Squirrel says:

    King of the Napoleon Complex!

  6. This is adorable 🙂

  7. Ankle biter if ever there was one.

  8. Super cute, but not a good habit to develop. I was attacked as a child by “defending” chihuahua……it was scary and I never went back to my neighbor’s house again.

  9. Phred's Mom says:

    Looks cute now, but not when grown, especially
    if the boy is a family member. If puppeh is
    showing this behavior as a baby, it’s part of
    his personality and should be addressed

  10. omg we got a mini doxie pup this summer and she’s as nutty as this one. Hasn’t attacked anyone yet but she’s got a list of dogs in the neighborhood she wants to tangle with. Those doxies may be tiny but I’ve learned they’re like tiny pit bulls. Yes, we’re actively discouraging this bahavior, don’t want a monster when she’s grown.

  11. Yes but… I’m all for being wise and not encouraging behavior that could be dangerous, but seriously — that bratty boy deserves to be taken down a notch!

  12. Cute puppy, bad owner.

  13. I’d rather watch this than CNN replaying the entire footage of the reporter getting killed.

  14. I love that

  15. One fieeerce puppy.

  16. Yes, let’s encourage your cute wiener dog to become a little land shark. We just LOVE when those dogs come in for a check up, or worse, when they are sick and really need bloodwork, fluids, medicating… then ya can’t get yer hands on them without all of this stress (for staff, dog, the rest of the patients, and owner, alike), muzzles, or even chemical restraint. Yes, by all means, teach a puppy to be UNsolicalized. *sigh*