Flower Power Polar

One of the last lazy, hazy, crazy days o’ summer, captured by photographer Dennis Fast in Manitoba, Canada. As seen on My Modern Met.











  1. Brinke, so glad you posted these! I saw them the other day (on The Panda, I think) and was hoping they’d get picked up.

    I love the ones where s/he is lying down and making ‘cheesecake’ poses – “Who, me? Oh, just nonchalantly rolling around in the flowers like I always do!” 😀

  2. ScoutsMom says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I always associate polar bears with snow, so seeing the contrast of the bright flowers is amazing. Just Incredible. Hope he enters these into a photography contest and wins big time!

  3. Now I know what Polar Bears dream about during hibernation! Gorgeous critters and setting.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Love to see bears and the contrast with the pretty flowers is so lovely.

  5. Agreed. Stunning photos.

  6. So beaufitul! How is this even real and possible?!

  7. “Polar bears. Why’d it have to be polar bears?”

    Nunavut Jones

  8. SandaPanda says:

    “Take me away, Calgon”

  9. I love polar bears. Such beautiful pictures! Makes me think of the poppies scene in Wizard of Oz…

  10. These pictures are incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them..