OMGPonies!!1!!!1 (+ Matchingks!)

One of these, though, is not like the others. (Reddit/Imgur.)



  1. New sitcom – “Two and a Half Mammals” 😀

  2. The colt (filly?) is so perfect it looks like a toy model. Stunningly beautiful horses and adorable matching dog!!

  3. One has no face.

  4. @Sabrina Rose: Yes! Perfect description of this picture!

  5. Beautiful colt! Guess the tail takes some time to grow to its full length, and Fabio-like fabulousness.

  6. How can they all be so white? Very pretty though.

  7. Forget “all about that bass”, this photo is all about those legs — both short and long!

  8. I stand in awe !

  9. I’m not a horse person, but WOW it’s so pretty!