“♬ Caturday, In The Park ♫..”

[Yeah, yeah, that’s a catchy song, but where’s my dinner, buddy? I don’t see it ANYwhere.]

Moki The Cat in the home studio..”helping” his hoomin…

…Jason Scheff of the band “Chicago.”




  1. SlaveToCat says:

    My first thought was why does someone store fresh produce in two microwaves crammed in a pantry.
    Moki, makes Me Smile. Moki You’re the Inspiration for spending Caturday in the Park.

  2. I don’t see fresh produce in two microwaves…but, I do use my microwave as a breadbasket because my cat likes bread… he does climb into the ‘fridge when I have it open looking for the ‘good stuff’ like the bacon, restaurant leftovers and stuff like that. It’s Caturday everyday in this household!

  3. erikainhb says:

    We have a rule in our house….. No kitties in major appliances. Seems Moki doesn’t have that rule.

  4. What kind of cat is this? They remind me of Wilford Brimley (something I would name this type of cat). I would have named this particular cat “Rug,” “Toupee,” or “Beret.” Sorry cat people, I just can’t get into having an animal in the food storage devices, no matter how cute they are (coughs up hairball).

  5. @ScoutC – yes, that kitteh’s toupee is priceless, especially in first pic – I’d have to call him “The Donald”!

  6. I don’t get the microwave comments. Kitty is in a full refrigerator, chilling out.

  7. @Smartypants – That occurred to me too, but didn’t want to insult the cat. Talk about coughing up a hairball!