“Hey Honey? Now Can You Clean The Pool?”

UPDATED 5:48pm PT! (Longer video) “Uh…nope. Still not a good idea. Maybe…Saturday.”




  1. Wow, five cubs with one ma?

  2. Echo Deckard…. five cubs? I think mom NEEDS a spa day by the pool!

  3. That was so much fun to watch! My favorite was when the mama bear balanced herself on the edge of the pool. What a riot!

  4. Perhaps its a day care? I’ve never heard of a bear having more than triplets. I like how mom kept pushing that one cub out of the pool. MINE!

  5. Slappy Squirrel says:

    Hey Mom, it’s my turn on the swings. That big furry kid won’t let me play!!!

  6. Barb and Paul says:

    I kept wondering where the OTHER momma bear was, because I also have never heard of 5 cubs. How darn cute was this, and how nice of the lady taking the video being so gracious and letting them have their fun. Just goes to show, you CAN have fun in New Jersey …

  7. I love the moments where she pushes them out of the pool “Adult swim! No cubs allowed!”

  8. Bear cub day care looks pretty sweet, actually. Swim lessons included.

  9. It is fascinating how the collection promotes frolic and play among bears identically to humans,and that they picked right up on how to use them.Except for their being better behaved,youd think it was a normal family play outing.

  10. Oh my gosh! That was crazy and funny! Adorable bears. The human kids’ commentary was so sweet and heartfelt and the mom (human) was so reassuring and appropriate. I did love her whispered “oy vey” at some point.

  11. Waverly76 says:

    I thought bears had one or two cubs at a time?

  12. That was the cutest thing ever. Not the human kids – the bear kids. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed them. Why did she call the police?

  13. Sharon Wilson says:

    They always wanna go up the slide the wrong way!

  14. Cutekotori says:

    So many cubs!!

  15. They’re showing that poor floaty no mercy!

  16. erikainhb says:

    A bear may s*** in the woods but I hope they don’t pee in the pool.

  17. “Calgon, take me away!”

  18. Poor Girl. Her floaty is being destroyed!!!! What A cute video.

  19. This is part 2 of the video. At the end, when the other video choices appear, there’s part 1 that is 11 minutes long. It shows ALL the bears in the pool, along with the floaties and the you see the bears taking the floaties pout of the pool! The human husband/dad is heard in the background saying that the bears are probably destroying the pool because of their nails on their feet.

  20. When this sort of thing happens, are we supposed to bang pots together or something. We don’t want them thinking that our backyard is a safe place for them to be. Anyone?

  21. Their yard is become the Wally World of the bear kingdom.

  22. Emissary Vex says:

    That pool is just bizarrely sturdy.

  23. Do bears spit in the woods? I swear, if I hear “my floatie” one more time I’m going to spit! The bears were there before you moved in!

  24. grytlappar says:

    Bears are awesome. And so muchless whiny than human kids.

  25. Please tell me they didn’t end up electrocuted.

  26. Sadly, bears get shot because humans increasingly invade their territory

  27. Yes my thoughts exactly, please tell me they were not electrocuted…

  28. Didn’t realize the 2nd video was continuation… All is well, no one hurt. Bears and hoomins all fine…

  29. I would contact the makers of the pool, slide, and swing and get a commercial deal out of it. Bear tested, kids approve, stands up to tough play every time.

  30. avilajanssen901 says:

    Having 5 cubs in my pool would have made my childhood!