Poll: We’re Gonna Do WHAT?

“This is Camilla Barker Freckletocks. She wakes up like this! Thanks for allowing me to share the cute!” -Joy

More importantly, what did CBF just hear that gave her this expression? Take our POLL!

UPDATE: Due to all the Wombat commotion: (Click to enlarge.)



  1. How come the poll has no wombat response?? 😀

  2. Whatever the question, I’m sure it involved cookies! And I, too, noticed the lack of wombats both on this list and yesterday which SHOULD HAVE BEEN Wombat Wednesday. Just saying…

  3. I second Saffron. No more wombat polls, no more wombat wednesdays . . . grumble grumble need some wombatses.

  4. ” A double-scoop ice cream just for me!!! Give it!!!”
    And I 3rd the cry for wombats.

  5. What magnificently highlighted ear floofage! All the better to frame the excited eyes and smile. 🙂

  6. Wombat response added By Request!

  7. Freckletocks!!! ……that’s hilarious,I love it 🙂

  8. Thank you, Brinke – some of us have come to rely on the wombat option. 🙂

  9. Such a great name for an adorable, happy-faced puppeh!

  10. “The Wombat Option.” Sounds like a Tom Clancy thriller. “Mr. President, we’re left with no alternative but to consider….The Wombat Option.”

  11. PS. WW is a semi-regular feature…http://cuteoverload.com/daily-features/

  12. This is one level before the Wombat Option. It’s the Freckletocks Reaction! Beautiful happy enthusiastic girl.

  13. Brinke, you just named the new band that I’m about to form. (not really)

  14. Thanks Brinke!!!!!! 😀 ❤
    I would definitely go see a movie called The Wombat Option.

  15. To: debg, Saffron, et al; see update.

  16. Perfect! I love The Wombat Option!

  17. What A funny looking dog.

  18. I actually enlarged the 2nd picture to see if there was a wombat sitting at that table….

  19. nancy crabtree says:

    more likely, he just found out where they put the thermometer

  20. Haha!! Too true, Crabtree!

  21. Where da wombats?

  22. Da puppeh needs to switch to decaff .. BADLY ..