“Hey Honey? You Promised To Clean The Hot Tub Today.”

“I know, I know. Can it wait until…tomorrow?”



  1. So funny!!!

  2. At least he didn’t pee in it. Oh wait, what’s that floating there?

  3. Doc said I should soak my paw in hot water…

  4. Your Mother says:

    He bearly fit in there 😛

  5. doomchild says:

    “I just can’t bear to do that today, hun”

  6. He seems to have a tag on his left ear. Anyone know what why?

  7. It even looks like he’s wearing gold chains!

  8. I miss my dog says:

    Mikeyfur – I think those tags indicate the bear has been relocated. He may have been found in another (sub)urban area, relocated to the wild and made it back to civilization. Can’t turn down a good soak in the tub!

  9. Stressfactor says:

    Mikeyfur he’s probably been tagged by scientists/nature researchers for any number of reasons. They could be trying to study movement patterns of bears or they could be trying to keep track of the bear population and he’s part of that. There are any number of reasons for the tagging but almost certainly it’s scientific.

  10. Mikeyfur – In a separate article I read that the bear was tagged previously because it was already relocated from a human-inhabited area at least once previously (a.k.a he’s been tagged to be labelled as a potential “nuisance bear”). If a bear tagged like this continues to be found in human communities, he’s at risk of being destroyed, unfortunately. It means that the previous relocation didn’t work. In this instance, I understand that the guy who took the video intentionally withheld the tag number from the authorities to ensure that the bear would not be tracked down and euthanized.

  11. The bear was probably wondering where all the fish were …. good for the guy who didn’t report the bear, I’m sure bears and people can co-exist if people are sensible and behave properly around bears.

  12. I’m glad too that the bear was not turned in to the authorities. But still…”Terror in the Tub!” Maybe he would enjoy being in a zoo if everybody chipped in to build a pool for him??