Moofers Needs YOUR Help, People!!

THIS JUST IN: “First allow me to say that C.O. has been bringing me laughter and joy on a daily basis for years,” writes Sarah D.

“This is Baxter AKA The King of Narnia a.k.a. Moofer or Moofers (derived from the word MOOF – which is the sound of resigned indignation he makes because he is surrounded by inferior beings.)

He is gorgeous and perfect and handsome and majestic and he needs your help! He has been diagnosed with bone cancer 😦 and he has to have his right front leg amputated 😦 and then chemo. With treatment his prognosis is very good!!! I have started a Go.Fund.Me page for him and his mom. They need help to cover the costs of his much needed treatment! I have funded many fuzzies through such campaigns that I only knew of because you posted them on C.O.

[*Update: Click below for a MASSIVE MOOFERS BONUS C.O. TRADING CARD! Guaranteed to kill all of your toner! -Ed.]




  1. CO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this!

  2. I hope I can help soon. I saw an entire field of shorn sheep today and I wanted to stop my car and jump out and hug all of ’em.

  3. Ceiling Cat bless!

  4. Molly Mauser says:

    I donated ~ Get well soon, Moofers! SQUEE!

  5. I donated – keeping your sweet boy in my prayers. ❤

  6. Wow! I woke up this morning and we’re at $1465! Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!! We’re going to make our goal I just know it! We are all so grateful and humbled by people’s generosity!!!

  7. Donation made! Only wish I could donate more! Sending good wishes your way, adorable Moofers!

  8. That is so sad. It is a good thing that people are helping Moofers.