And if Anyone Knows About Hopping…

Dogs are pretty laid-back and mellow most of the time — but once and a while, something happens to make one hopping mad. That’s when smart dog owners call Kanga-Kounseling™, licensed kangaroo therapists to calm canine qualms.




  1. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Now there’s a ‘what the heck is happening here?!’ tag needed if I have ever seen one. Plus pupster is all ‘Dude, with my, I am so angry I could cry scnotts and your chest fur– I can’t breathe.’

  2. Thats a major noogie happening there.

  3. Ba-rroo needed. Pupster is getting rubbed the wrong way.

  4. Go WITH the direction of the fur, Mr. Roo-roo.