“Oh, THAT Felt Like A 4.0!”

Lookit these little guys! Earlier today at 6:49am- and not too far away from my house- the SF Bay Area had a nice little 4.0 quake. And these guys felt it in Alameda, a small island west of Oakland! (Notice how they jump up before the rattle!)

(KPIX Channel 5.)



  1. fkaWaldenPond says:

    That was a ‘What the heck?!?! and um, can we go back to sleep yet…?’ if I have ever seen one…

  2. Huh? I heard a small rattling at :06 when the dogs jumped up before the bigger one at :08.

  3. Poor bebehs. Hope they are okay.

  4. I also live in Alameda and had the same reaction these doggehs did! I sat up and thought “What the heck?” then sat there for a few seconds waiting for any aftershocks, then went back to sleep.

  5. Yeah, you can tell they’re bay area dogs. Wake up, go “huh, earthquake,” and then go on with the day.

  6. Makes me happy to live in New England where the worst weather might keep you housebound for a day or two but that’s about it. Poor goggies. 😦

  7. They definitely predicted that quake 0.25 seconds after it made the door go clack.

  8. Elephantini says:

    Dogs know when an earthquake is about to happen. Sometimes I do too. Woke up 20 minutes before the big Northridge Quake. My Pekingese Chelsea, behaved strangely the entire evening before.