Bunday: Popcorn, Yogurt, and Coco

Amy L. writes, “I love the Cute Overload website, and I want to share my cute bunny blog with you!” Now we’re pretty sure this first guy is Popcorn. Just a hunch.

And then, this is Yogurt.

And Coco, looking for a handout.

Nice IKEA bed there, Coco!

And is that a sharp briefcase, or what!




  1. Such cuuuuute bunny hops :3

  2. Someone was hungry when they named these adorable buns. Love the Popcorn hops, Yogurt, who is flattened out and Coco, the spoiled one, in a nice bed.

  3. I’d just like to recognize Popcorn as a brilliant name for a little hopper.

  4. 🙂

  5. Wow, they actually look…approving! Amy L. must be an outstanding Bunneh Mom.

  6. I love that handholding pic.

  7. Something about “pancake” pet, i.e., Yogurt lying down flat, is so endearing. And I’d be inclined to call “Yogurt” Gurtie. I’ll be adding “Gurtie” to my list of candidate names for my next bet, too.

  8. This is so adorable! They all seem to have great personalities and are perfectly named. I love the handholding, too! So sweet.

  9. Bunnylovers – I just took a look at her bunny blog and you really have to see this! http://pycbunnies.tumblr.com These buns are living the life – they have wardrobes, a playroom, tea parties – even a drum kit! And Coco is the white one and Yogurt is the beige one.

  10. Food names!!