Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?

Thanks to Jeanette for this Totes Adorbs video of Bambi and Thumper playing in the front yard of the Lula W. Dorsey Museum in Estes Park, Colorado. (She originally sent a 9News clip that said “Get ready to be Overloaded in some Cuteness” but it wouldn’t work in Chrome/embed/whatever. So we went to Plan B! Thanks to Colorado’s News Leader for the semi-plug.)

And let’s have us some ORIGINAL Bambi and Thumper Action while we’re at it, OK?



  1. This is priceless! oh my goodness

  2. Well, I’ll be! Now I really have seen everything. This is just all kinds of awesome.

  3. This is magical.

  4. Pardon me,I have to puke a rainbow.
    And im pretty sure I have type II now,thanks.

  5. I wish I could be there to watch them. So cute to see bebeh deer hop up like the bunneh does. They seem to ge having a good time.

  6. It’s so wonderful that the little bunny knows the deer isn’t going to hurt it-because he/she could clearly run under a bush or something. But instead they just play together. The jumping and hopping and bouncing is so fun to watch.

  7. The deer’s play signal is the cutest ever. They are not predictor/prey or in competition for habitat. Maybe this happens more than we know. I sure hope so. Loved the Bambi and Thumper clip. I’ll admit it, I saw that in the movies when it was re-released in 1957. Still magical.

  8. Thumper doesn’t seem as into Bambi, as Bambi is into Thumper.

  9. *speechless from the mind-boggling qte*

  10. Actually, bunnies and deer are quite closely related in evolutionary history, so it is not surprising that they should get along so well. Bunnies are more closely related to deer than to rodents.