Headline THIS!

[*Update 1:01pm PT: And thanks to Tater for this great headline, submitted just 11 minutes ago! We’ll have another Headline THIS soon! -Ed.]

What IS going on here? Crikey! Write up your best header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! Many thanks to Australia.com’s FB and Robin L. for this one.



  1. Dear, stop filming and come watch the race

  2. I brought a few friends for dinner hope you don’t mind

  3. I didn’t choose ‘roo life.
    ‘Roo life chose me.

  4. Miss Kitty says:

    You want WHAT? By WHEN!?!

  5. The White Walkers true form is finally revealed.

  6. Athos' Mom says:

    They’re behind me, aren’t they???

  7. Athos' Mom says:

    Or… Selfie Crashers

  8. A hopping party!

  9. Dammit Gladys! I told you to bring the GPS!

  10. Copperbat says:

    That’s the largest gang a’ roos I’ve ever seen!

  11. We’re all here to audition for the part of Roodolph!

  12. “Hey, is there someplace we can go to keep warm?”

  13. As I saw on Facebook: “We heard there’s a party–we brought the chips”.

  14. Gigi_the cat lady says:

    I’m Skip Roo reporting for SPRONG News, back to you in the studio Bruce.

  15. McBeckerson says:

    A déjà roo is usually a glitch in the Matrix…

  16. “Walking in a Winter Wallaby.”

  17. All rise for the kangaroo court!

  18. You got a problem, mate?

  19. We heard this bus is going to the beach, can we jump on….

  20. Is this the iPhone 6 giveaway?

  21. Can we borrow some snow sleds?

  22. Jonathan Polley says:

    Can Stephanie come out and play?

  23. Is this the queue for the ski lift? We would like to try out the bunny hill.

  24. Invention of roo-skiing in 3-2-1….

  25. Joey?? Where are you ?? Joooeeey ??

  26. Reginald Hopper realizes he booked the company’s winter rootreat at Hot Springs, Colorado, rather than Palm Springs, Florida…

  27. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love the expression on that handsome, tree-trunk-necked fellow up front. He looks quizzical, like the cameraperson is wearing a silly hat.

  28. “Pardon me….do you have any Gray Poupon?”
    “Have you heard the Good News?”

  29. Your website says the ski rental office opens at 7:00 and it’s now 7:10. Either update your website or open on time. We have important places to be, critical things to do…

  30. The in-bound Eisenhower Expressway will take you 55 minutes, due to a gaper’s block at 25th Street. It appears everyone is looking at a car pulled over on the shoulder…”

    [The above will make the most sense to Chicagoans.]

  31. “Mmmkay now, if you’d all line up tallest to shortest, we’ll get this group photo done by dinner”

  32. Biggest Selfie Ever!!

  33. Don’t they have speed passes? This line is ridiculous!

  34. Kanga-Conga! Crank the music up!

  35. Is the Roomor true that Santa is urgently needing Reinroo volunteers?

  36. Ruh roo. I knew we shoulda took a left turn in Albuquerque!!

  37. I thought this was australia, where did this snow come from?

  38. Is this where the meeting of Pocket Protectors International is being held? We’d like to check in please.

  39. Have you seen the size of my feet? How am I going to find skis that fit!

  40. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!

  41. Down Under Snowed Under

  42. cyberpunkrocker says:

    “Excuse me, do you have time to discuss about the global warming? No? What about the overpopulation?”

  43. Emily Sykes says:

    Is this where the line starts?

  44. Did someone say “Foster’s”?

  45. Steve Chassaing says:

    Anybody got the phone number for Qantas? We’re ready to go home now!

  46. Yeap, definitely a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

  47. The road less traveled by, my eye!

  48. Weird world wide search for reindeer replacements

  49. Alison Trachet says:

    “Kangaroo Lodge #123 Annual Polar Bear Swim in 5 minutes!”

  50. Waiting for Santa’s Sleigh

  51. Hey! We heard The Rolling Stones are playing tonight on the outside stage!

  52. The Original Jane says:

    Call Officer Krupke ASAP!

  53. crystalrabbit7 says:

    Option 1: Why Napoleon failed to conquer Russia
    Option 2: You promised there would be ski bunnies!
    Option 3: Tauntaun auditions (Star Wars reference to the pack animals on Hoth)

  54. Linda Allen says:

    What? The reindeers are on strike? Why us?

  55. Crikey! It’s the Blizzard of Oz!

  56. Mysweetsue says:

    Roopocalypse: Day 1

  57. Darn, I left my mittens in my other pouch!

  58. greencoke says:

    Move along. Official Kangaroo business.

  59. Excellent, Tater. Simply excellent!

  60. This is one of those pictures that is at the intersection of Cute Avenue and Terrifying Lane.

  61. Congrats tater! So perfect!

  62. Nice one, tater! But got to give a shout out to Julie for “is this the iPhone 6 giveaway”.