Toesday: Vincent Van Gato (AKA Lil’ Vinnie The One Eared Wonder Kitteh)

Who wants another serving of Toe Beans today? “Hope the pictures are good enough for C.O. I’m a terrible photographer.” -Amyjeen D. [*Are U kidding? These turned out great! LOOK at those BEANS! -Ed.]

[*Note: Vinnie is a ResQte via Jamie D. at PawsCo in Denver, CO. -Ed.]




  1. Clearly Vinnie has had trouble settling in /snark. What a cutie!

  2. Didn’t you mean .. Vincent Van “Catoe” for toesday ?

  3. That is one relaxed kitty.

  4. So adorable! He looks like he found a great home.

  5. I love the resqtes and especially a marmie. VInnie is adorable and those are epically cute toebeans!!!!!!

  6. Mingles' Mommy says:

    That is one relaxed and happy kitty. Handsome, too!

  7. Very awesome display of cute beans! Pink beans all over the place but I’m not sure what the red dot in the second pic from the top is. It looks like something on the toy.

  8. I am in LURVE.

  9. Very pink ripe beans. But I’m diving in to snorgle soft kitty chest area. Left unguarded too.

  10. Poor little guy. So glad he found where he belongs.

    Well, maybe not so poor. Even with one ear he looks ridiculously happy and relaxed.

  11. What plump juicy toebeans! I must nibble them!

  12. Morning ! The little red dot is indeed the nose on his mouse toy. He’s so active I can only get decent shots of him when he’s asleep. Thanks for liking my kitteh !