The Shichon Files: Minnie Sofia

We get quite a bit of email on a daily basis. Believe me when I say each and every one gets looked at! Every so often, one comes in that makes your eyebrows jump up off your face. As in, “WOW LOOKIT THESE!” Minnie Sofia’s photos are in that class.

minnie and boz
“I’m emailing you photos of my adorable 12 week old puppy Minnie Sofia,” says Cynthia F. “She is VERY spunky and loves to wrestle with Boz, her Golden Retriever Brother (above- she always wins!) She is a Shichon with a reddish brown color with white markings. She loves to play all day but also loves cuddles and keeps it girly with a bow on her head. I hope she gets featured!”



  1. Oh my…individually these doggies are adorable. Together they reach maximum levels if cuteness, probably more!

  2. Yes, I think the cuteness increases exponentially. I love these two!

  3. I will never meet Minnie Sofia in person but just knowing she exists, seeing her laughing face and delicious fur on CO makes me feel very happy.

  4. There’s no doubt, adorable yes, cuteness why absolutely. A picture perfect moment to cherish….just awesome together!

  5. She is adorable and Boz is a handsome fellow too-I love Boz’s big beautiful brown eyes!!!

  6. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    I love Boz’s mustache! Makes him look so dabiniere =)

  7. @Beth thanks for pointing out the stache- I missed it the first time!? That mustache on Boz is to die for!