Caturday Night: Peppers Is Rule #58 All The Way!

Emmu M. says, “I don’t know if he counts as ‘One Flap Up,’ because Peppers only has one flap! He’s my sweet boy…I adopted him from the shelter and he had just gotten surgery to have his ear removed (it was deformed and kept giving him ear infections.). He had food allergies, a skin ailment, and behavioral issues. But we toughed it out through the roughest patches, and today he is a happy, healthy, loving addition to our family!”



  1. What a handsome fellow – Peppers OWNS Rule 58! And thank you for your diligence in sticking with him thru all his issues. Glad he is flourishing now!

  2. Gorgeous boy. He’s definitely owning rule 58. Peppers’ blue eyes are bits of sky. Thank you for not giving up on this special guy. He’s glowing.

  3. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Peppers van Gogh.

  4. A very beautiful, obviously well-loved cat! You are both lucky!!

  5. Peps is turning 14 next month, he’ll be so happy to know he made it on the Internet! Or he will just want to be scratched.

  6. Thank you Emma and family for sticking with Pepper through the rough spots. So glad to hear that you all had a happy ending.

  7. We all have all flaps up for all you have done for Pepper. Blessings to you!

  8. Rule #57 too!

  9. Now THAT’S what it’s all about! Having the patience to understand these little guys have been through a lot and just need time and love. And I’ll bet you get back even more than you have given Peppers! It’s so wonderful!

  10. herbert butler says:

    i don’t know if you ever went to sunday school, but the nuns used to tell us that if you were a really good boy or girl you got to go straight to heaven when you died instead of having to go to purgatory first. i happen to know that when you adopt a special needs cat (or dog) you can also bypass that stop in purgatory.

  11. Rhonda B says:

    What a beautiful blue eyed boy Peppers is! 🙂

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Peppers has his squinchy love eyes on. Very hard to capture that on camera. ❤️🐱

  13. Emmu, you are an angel for taking dear sweet Peppers and giving him a forever home. ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. buffy summers says:

    now that is a look of love!

  15. Are you kidding? If Peppers were on a sports team, his jersey would be #58!! He is awesome. Thank you for taking such good care of him and sharing with us!!

  16. Thanks for hanging in there was with Peppers! He is wonderful! I have a special needs kitty myself and minor inconvenience in caring for her is more than made up for by her sweet nature and cute little face!

  17. Ugh, please excuse the typos in my previous post! I am not good at typing but my sentiments are sincere!