Ultimate Rule #58 Greyhound ACTION

From Jacqueline F., who says “Reddit user ‘suzaboo’s’ dog looks like the perfect example of your newest Rule! So adorable!”



  1. Gorgeous! Greyhounds always seem to me like ‘dogs from outer space’ – they’re just so different (in a good way).

    I worked in an office that had one, and she was the sweetest! She’d lie around all day and make yodeling noises at us.

  2. Every weekend I see at the farmer’s market I see a lovely, kind couple with their greyhound rescue, a sweet, beautiful creature like this one!

  3. Oops excuse my repetitive and clumsy sentence in the previous post. Have had a long and tiring day!

  4. Greyhounds are all legs. 🙂

  5. Cynthia M says:

    That’s an Italian Greyhound. I had a precious Italian Greyhound named Claudia who lived to be almost 17 years old. I miss her every day.

  6. Sleek and stylish with one ear up. Lovely breed.

  7. januaryfarmer says:

    She should learn to cross her paws and do a little baroo while the ears are in position. Might win a prize or something.

  8. januaryfarmer- That is exactly what I was thinking. She has such pretty delicate graceful legs and of course a baroo would be bonus points.