#TBT: 08/06/2007: I Need Bigger Powsches.

Sure, I can carry around 18 McGrapersons in my current powsches, but if I’m to be truly happy, I need MORE ROOM! I need saddlebags, totes, purses extra room—whatever it takes. To carry MORE!


Chmurka a little full-cheeked…originally uploaded by pyza.
Here…I’ll show you—I will never be truly satisfied until I get a larger set of powsches.

Ashley S., nice sending-inning.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]



  1. Thing about hammies is their cheeks go all the way to their hips, so when they say “It’s going straight my hips,” it really is!

  2. Urpp!

  3. I never realized how full hammies can fill their cheeks. They can look a bit goofy, but cute. Where as, it’s a good thing we humans can’t.

  4. Susan S. says:

    It is so hard to tell what goes on in a little hamster brain.

  5. Good news, scientists are working on understanding when you hamster is happy. http://bit.ly/1Ip1Xf9