Sunflower Farms Creamery Strikes AGAIN

The mad scientists folks at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine are at it again. Twice this week they’ve poured Bebeh Goasters on us, and now they return…with a Bebeh Goat + a Wah Wah that THINKS it’s a Goatster.



  1. IN LOVE

  2. Meeting of hearts.

  3. sheridanj2015 says:

    Omg, adorable!

  4. Ali-Baba says:

    Sproing! Sproing! Sproing ! I swear I heard that each time the
    Bebeh goatsters & friend jumped! So much fun!! 🙂

  5. Have had an afternoon and early evening from hell; rapidly healing through bebeh goat bleating and a Wah Wah whose head is smaller that a clover leaf, and who indeed thinks he’s a bebeh goat. Ahhhhhhhh.

  6. My goodness, what a darling little Wah Wah! Such personality! This is one of the most appealing videos I’ve ever seen. Those baby goats are too, too cute. Utterly charming how they all play together.

  7. Can’t get over the cuteness!

  8. Adorable! I love how the bebeh goat pretend-head-butts chihuahua at :55 but stops short.

    @Vanessa Bennett, hope today is much better for you! Think happy bebeh goat thoughts!

  9. Copperbat says:

    Ehn… dese clovers are too tall.

  10. Melissa N. says:

    As a Wah Wah parent, I find this to be so cute it hurts. (But in a good way)

  11. bluegigi says:

    These babies are so cute. Melting from the cute.

  12. Love the end when they finally synchronize and ‘run’ (hop) as a pack. Out of control cute!

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    Goats are disturbed by pup’s lack of sproingulence!

  14. “Sproingulence”!!!!! LOVE it!!! Unfortunately, I just had a major at-work head asplosion!!!!!!!

  15. grytlappar says:

    My, that clover is tall. Little puppeh has no choice but to sproing*! (Was it there it started?)

    I think he/she thinks they’re his mom/dad… Soon Wah wah will be ma-a-a-a-ing. 🙂

  16. Sharon Wilson says:

    Maybe the wah-wah thinks the bebeh goats are dogs…Love how she sniffs the hocks ’cause she can’t reach the butt!

  17. So glad the Wah Wah figured out a bit of sproinging action at the end! ❤

  18. Not only the sproinging, but the widdle waving tails, too. This wah wah has converted me ❤ to a wah wah like-r. So stinkin' cute. Definitely has as identity something-something, but in a good way. BAH, I feel another cute mind melt coming on . . .

  19. I just want to snuggle them all.