“Batman Head” Is Usually Reserved For Kittehs

However, in the case of Archer here, we’re waiving that rule. Inset photo of Michael Keaton as The Dark Knight for comparison purposes only.

“This is Archer the Boston Terrier from Texas,” says Kristin B. “His hobbies include zooming around the house, chewing all the things…”

“..and watching lizards.”




  1. Rhonda B says:

    Yes, Archer definitely has the batman head! He’s one cute little pumpkin!

  2. Way cuter than Michael Keaton’s Batman. Just sayin’

  3. Cutie pie!

  4. Oh my gosh, puppeh so skwee!

  5. Agreed with @Sugitomo .. 2000x better then *cough* Bat-flec .. I am so scared he’s gonna ruin BvS ….