Glub Glub Is On The Move!

It’s been a long time since our last Magilla Glub Glub (& Lady Bubbles) update from waaaay over the big pond in Kigali, Rwanda. And that is about to change. So here we go- buckle up for THE GLUBSTER / BUBBLES / AND A NEW FRIEND, with photos c/o Bethany H.

01 Bubbles_Basket
“All kitties are soon to cross the ocean. Our family is moving back to Boston, Glub Glub and Mickey will go with their momma today! Bubbles will follow two months later with their poppa.”
[*UPDATE 12:17pm PT: “Just got to airport and kitties are doing pretty well. Much better than I expected!”

“The journey will be challenging, but we think they will like their new Boston digs (once they get used to the concept of cold weather).”

04 Glubs_Basket
“And we are moving with about 30 baskets to make it feel more like home for the babies.”

08 Bubs and Glubs snuggles
“Glubs and Bubs have a new baby sister, Mickey Mouse – named for her enormous ears. She showed up on our doorstep completely blind and very ill. After a month of nursing back to health, Mickey is now part of the family. She is a total sweetie, and even though blind, is incredibly playful and quite the huntress in her own right.

07 Mickey_BasketWall

10 Glubs and Micks playing
“Glubs, Bubs and Micks will soon have a hoomin bebeh sister (mid-October). They promised to all be extra sweet and snuggly for the baby, and to start sleeping past 4:30am.”

09 Bubs and Micks
“So that is it for now. Next dateline update will be dateline Boston. Wish us all luck in the move and adjustments, but we can’t wait to be reunited as a family soon! (And thank you, Brinke!) Bonus pic- first shot EVER of MGG!”

11 Glub first shot



  1. Good Luck to the whole family! I hope the cats enjoy their new home and their new human sister!

  2. Best wishes to all! Mickey is lovely, and she sure stumbled into the right yard.

    PS MGG’s baby pic needs a trading card all its own. I did squee out loud upon (re)seeing it.

  3. @debg: Thought about that one, but when I tried to work with it, it got too fuzzy to enlarge.

  4. Good luck to the whole family for safe arrival at their new home! And, Brinke, our fuzzy cats have managed to enlarge just fine….

  5. 1knitchick says:

    Glub Glub – good to see you!!!

  6. Athos' Mom says:

    Safe travels to all of you!

  7. n. barnett says:

    Welcome home, from your fans in Dorchester (part of Boston, fyi)! Looking forward to seeing the guys’ reaction to snow. Just hope we don’t get another 108 inches.

  8. What a sweetheart 🙂

  9. @Brinke – But GG was fuzzy to begin with and he seems to have enlarged quite well… 😉

  10. elishab says:

    OOOHHHH……..wishing you the best of luck on the move and lots of squishy hugs for the kitties! May everyone adjust well and good luck with the new baby (several months in advance). God Bless!!

  11. Congrats for a lot of things, but especially fora child who won’t swing from the drapes.

    Do they sell cat-sized parkas?

  12. Best wishes for the big move! I am sure the kitties will thrive in their new home with help from loving hoomins! Mickey us adrsbl and very fortunate!

  13. The Original Jane says:

    Oh my that will be a huge change for them. I hope we get an update after several months that they are doing well in their new home.

  14. Good luck with your move! Sounds like there are a lot of exciting changes for your family-much happiness!

  15. Mikeyfur says:

    Best wishes for safe travel and an easy relocation for all concerned. So happy to have this update, and know you’ll soon be back in the States.

  16. doomchild says:

    Thank you Brinke, both of my original requests have now been fulfilled! Overjoyed ❤

  17. Mingles' Mommy says:

    They’ll adapt beautifully… welcome back & best wishes!

  18. PandaGrrl says:

    Oh my goodness! Congrats on the move and upcoming human!sibling for the kitties!

  19. Thanks all. The two cats made it to Boston just fine. Didn’t love the trip, but didn’t hate it either. They’re settling into their new home nicely. My wife is with them and I’m back in Rwanda with Bubbles for the next two months before another trans-Atlantic cat crossing.