With a Name Like “Fluffy,” Whad’ja Expect?

No sooner did Mrs. Fluffy get comfortable on her favorite pillow, when she discovered that she had become someone else’s favorite pillow.


Via Yoppy.



  1. OMG…funniest thing I have seen today!

  2. Funny, my daughter had a snake she called fluffy. She loved the look on people’s faces when she asked them if they wanted to meet her darling fluffy. Most took a step back and looked at her as if she was crazy, which she likely was. LOL

  3. “They see me rollin’, they hatin;, patrolling they trying to catch me ridin’ obese, Try to catch me ridin’ obese, try to catch me ridin’ obese, try to catch me ridin’ OOOOOOBESE!”

  4. Hehe, poor kitteh looks so dismayed!

  5. Circle of life babe., Circle of life.

  6. Jenny Islander says:

    I dunno; I get the feeling that the baby is nice and warm and squishy and doesn’t move, but the camera is Satan.

  7. Now I have hair on my fur!

  8. No dignity, I’m telling you…

  9. Wrong Jenny Islander@. This is Cute Overload and were all about the cute!