“(STILL) Need….More…Quolls”

We needed more Quolls back on April 17th. Nothing’s changed—we still need ’em.

Quolls are marsupials, related to the Taz Devil.

The Boing Boing story says few of these live in the wild anymore, and they’re fierce predators. So, bottom line- Cute. But be careful if you find yourself in the Outback with one.



  1. I don’t see of feel any kinship to a devil when I see this cuteness! Seems alright with me.

  2. Don’t miss these baby numbats (Aussie termite-eaters) at their den. Not much happens, but they’re awful cute.

  3. Don’t like Glenn Close or Mr Burns see this, they’ll have a quoll coat just like a dalmatian/greyhound coat. It would be like an inverse dalmatian coat.

  4. I might just be currently overwhelmed by cuteness, but I think baby quolls might be the cutest things that have ever happened.

  5. OMGs, possums with SPOTS!!! I am ded now.