“U Guyz Mind If I Hang With U?”

[And mebbe…..I could nom on your toes a little bit?]



  1. You know that somewhere there’s a ranger/marine wildlife rescuer facepalming.

    Reminds me of a seal preserve in the Pugent Sound. There were a lot of new babies with their mothers and NO ONE was that friendly. The sentries were especially wary of kayakers.

  2. Cute, but a horrible idea. There is enough bacteria in a seal’s mouth to put you in the hospital.

  3. cat slave says:

    They also have teef. What an ignorant escapade. Real life is not Disneyland.

  4. “Never meant to be uncu-hute, never meant to be uncu-hute!”

  5. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Sealed with a kiss

  6. This little piggy went to market.., this little piggy went seal seal seal all the way home.