A Tiny Fuzzy Gray Cotton Ball (Named Willy)

Melinda Y. writes, “I work at the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ. I see LOTS of Cuteness is the course of a normal day (drowning in Cuteness this time of year–kitten season) but sometimes the Cuteness Levels are just too high! This little guy was found by himself in someone’s yard. He looks like the world’s Cutest cotton ball! (Albeit a gray one 🙂 I took this picture moments after he first came in. We named him Willy.”



  1. THIS is why dryer manufacturers recommend cleaning out the lint tray after every load, otherwise you wind up getting these.

  2. Kaboom. Exploded from the Qte.

  3. Starfish says:

    Assuming that’s a thumb in the corner, there, he’s so tiny! Maybe his name should be “Wee Willy”.

  4. If Willy isn’t careful, somebody could mistake him for a Q-tip and start cleaning their ears with him.

  5. Thank goodness someone found him. Tiny speck of life.

  6. ” He’s ruthless and fatness, super cute with an attitude! He likes wearing diapers and fluffin’ his curl! He Loves hedgies and hammies and even a girl! Feels so good when you’re messing with a CUTE-NESS!”

  7. ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, CO, HAVE MERCY!!! **THUD**

  8. He has barely there earsies.

  9. Peanutcat says:

    Booped da nose!