Bunday Ear Nomming

[I think the cat is asleep. BOY that ear looks tasty. Maybe I can move in for a quick nom…..]

“I recently adopted an 8 week old kitten who we named Oscar. After some initial fear, our resident house bunny (Bun) has taken a liking to Oscar and vice versa! Hoping they will grow to be best of friends!” -Dana Z.



  1. Would it be weird if I start nomming on the bunny’s ears while Bun noms on Oscar’s ears?

  2. Rhonda B says:

    Dana Z. you have 2 cute babies there! Oscar is a tiny little morsel- it’s no wonder Bun is chewing his ear! 🙂

  3. Oh my g… Ded. That’s the thickest furred bunny. Like a cloud with ears. Nice kitty too. I would nom his ears too.

  4. yorekani says:

    It’s a bit harder to notice at this angle, but doesn’t the kitteh qualify for a batman head tag? 🐱

  5. A beautiful bunneh, just want to snorgle in his fur, looks so soft. Hope he and the kitty grow up as buddies.

  6. Our bun bun gets along great with his cat and dog siblings. Just trim everyone’s nails.

  7. What an adorable bunny! His fur looks so soft and just makes me want to cuddle with him.

  8. I was expecting something entirely different from the title.

  9. murkle46 says:

    Lookit the size of the paws on that kitty!Looks like he might grow up to be a biggun.