Hey There, Fellow Bunnies!

Wow, it’s great to be with other bunnies, which I also am as well! So what kind of bunny things are you guys doing? Wrinkling your noses, am I right? Man, I love doing that! And hopping, don’t get me started with the hopping! Wow, I totes love you guys, I could hug each and every one of you!




  1. No, NTMTOM, no snakes with bunny ears, allowed to hug bunnies. By the way, who is the other Mike?

  2. @Julie: I took the screen name “Not That Mike The Other Mike” when I was a Cute Overload reader, before Meg asked me to write for her. At the time, I was just “Mike” but someone else with that screen name was behaving like a jerk, and I changed my screen name to distance myself. (Also, in any given situation where there are two or more people named Mike, I am never the Mike anyone intends to address; I’m always “the other Mike.” This has actually happened.)

    Anyway, sorry to disturb anyone with the narrative; longtime readers know I can’t help myself sometimes.

  3. Awww, bunny snake is adorbs, I would let it hug me briefly and gently.

  4. To quote Hattie McDaniel “it ain’t fittin’, it just ain’t fittin’!

  5. NOMTOM, you could always do the Proper Dave/Other Dave thing (substituting Mike, of course), as in Doctor Who.

  6. No, I think Mike HAS to be NTMTOM. A new name would confuse the prospective Mrs NTMTOM (I think some may have gotten this tattood) and the printer’s already got the mock up’s for his coffee table book cover.

    That snake seems to be happy with his ears.

  7. murkle46 says:

    I think i see a smile on his face,Kar.

  8. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I think maybe – just maybe – even Indiana Jones would have approved this snake.

  9. NTMTOM you are hilarious. The picture is very cute and I am one who is afraid of snakes. Re: NTMTOM name, I thought it was from the movie American President when Michael Douglas’s (or was it Michael J Fox?) character says, not that ___ the other ___. Except I don’t think the “blank” was “Mike” so….well, I thought this was interesting story when I started typing.

  10. Copperbat says:

    Laughing til I cry. I love this beyond words.

    NTMTOM, I played pub trivia where every single guy on my team except for one was named Mike. Weirdly, it wasn’t that confusing. But they all quickly received unflattering nicknames just to sort them out.

  11. cyberpunkrocker says:

    – One, two, three… Is this mike on?
    – NTMTOM

  12. erikainhb says:

    Ok… I’m not a big fan of snakes either but….that is pretty darn cute

  13. Noooooooooooo! You can’t fool us, you will eat buns! Everyone keep the rabbits away from this guy!

  14. A snake in bun’s clothing. Beware little buns!
    The ears fit perfectly. Hilarious cause he has no hands to take them off.

  15. It’s Ok, this snake looks like he’s straight out of a Liz Climo cartoon – he won’t eat anybunny 😀

  16. Mikeyfur says:

    Gotta love bunny ears on a snake. Good on Faye for throwing in the sheep in wolf’s clothing reference. Perfect!

  17. No bugging hunnies!

  18. TFinn734 says:

    Inapprops, dude, inapproprops.

  19. Wabbit Season !

  20. I think the snake looks embarrassed.

  21. Badá Rock says:

    “Don’t get me started with the hopping!” Oh my, I laughed so loud, I woke up the cats

  22. Kristina says:

    There’s something off about that rabbit.. can’t quite put my finger on it..

  23. @NTMTOM, thanks and I don’t blame you for wanting to distance yourself from the other Mike. I love CO and how you and Brinke come up with clever titles and tall tales.

  24. Saffron says:

    I am putting in my early request to see snakerson in a Santa hat for the holidays….

    Now that song “Snake in the Grass” from The Little Prince is stuck in my brain cells.

  25. To see this in action, go to YouTube and search for “muppets stand by me”.

  26. Kaa singing the Trust in me song: https://youtu.be/fZY8jUuEzJQ