Pretty as a Pitcher

Let’s say you have a pitcher. You could fill it up with water
And drink eight glasses every day, like experts say you oughter
Or mix a batch of lemonade, for outdoor entertaining
Some sangria to just see ya through evenings when it’s raining
Hey, margaritas would be nice, they’ll make you briefly giddy
But for delight all day and night, just fill it up with kitty!

dtAOSDm - Imgur

Via Reddit.



  1. The Original Jane says:

    What a face!

  2. Katherine says:

    He’s pear shaped, just like the pitcher!

  3. Adorable kitteh and poem!

  4. Tony James says:

    Katherine – in their formative stages, cats are essentially furry bags full of kittin. if you tip them up then all the kittin flows to one end, as we see in this picture. However, during the 1000-nap service highly-trained (and very expensive) technicians install internal structural components to keep the kittin where it belongs. However, these components have a high failure rate, so it is not uncommon to find quite adult cats reverting to a “flux” state, during which the kittin becomes dislodged and they appear to “flow” – off chairs and counter-tops, for example, or over human limbs.

  5. I vehemently object to the tag. This is not bad poetry. This is brilliant poetry.

  6. @Janet: Who do you think applied the tag in the first place? 😉 But thank you.

  7. TFinn734 says:

    Unless you pour slowly, you get quite a frothy head.

  8. Forget the sangria – please hand over that pitcher full of kitty!!! Snorgle time!! 😀

  9. Even with a kitteh subject, it is pure doggerel.

  10. I’ll have mine stirred, not shaken. Even though I saw it coming, I snorted out loud at the end of the poem. Very refreshing.

  11. petless in Puddletown says:

    Ogden Nash, eat your heart out! And I’m eating MY heart out for that kitteh!!

  12. 6rabbits says:

    *thunderous applause* You RULE, NTMTOM!😄 Smooches for the kitteh!😘

  13. That hovertext, perfect as usual.

  14. Copperbat says:

  15. Fleurdamour says:

    @Katherine – It’s the pear of the grog that kit you.