Best Day Ever II

Last night, we saw a photo captioned “Best Day Ever.” And if you’re doing a personal hang with Pluto at Disneyland…well, yeah, that’s not bad.

Neither is this.




  1. JenDeyan says:

    And people say dogs can’t smile.

  2. Happy happy very happy dogis.

  3. mauderules says:

    That’s an extra-jumbo size in grins.

  4. Rachael says:

    If you can look at that photo and not smile, you are probably not hoomin. Just sayin’. 🙂

  5. AGAIN, instant smile the moment you see this!

  6. Cannot resist the flopped-over ear tips !!!

  7. Are they tied to the boat?

    Cute smiles..

  8. Such s happy goober!

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    @Trina: No, those are sled dog harnesses and those, I do believe, are Alaskan huskies. Alaskan huskies don’t get a capital H because they have no official breed standard. If your idea of the Best Day Ever is running with your best buds all day over snow with a hoomin bumping along behind you* and snarfing down about eleventy billion calories’ worth of stew that your hoomin personally prepared so that you can snooze comfortably on said snow and get up and do it all again, and just thinking about it makes you smile like that ^, then you’re an Alaskan husky! They mostly look like Smiley and friend, but if a Standard Poodle has the moxie, it can be an Alaskan husky too.

    *Optional. Alaskan husky teams have been known to go merrily on their way after the hoomin fell off the sled. Ehhhh, he’ll catch up by the time we want him to make dinner. C’mon, guys, it’s a great day to go running!**

    **Culls from Alaskan husky racing kennels are occasionally available. Do not adopt one unless you like to run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and then collapse while the dog dances in circles around you going HAYYYY HAYYY GET UP HAYYYYY. And those are just the culls!

  10. Kiva Meeks-Mosley says:

    lol! reminds me of Smile.Dog though… Spread the word…

  11. This put a smile on my face, love it!