Announcing..Rule Of Cuteness #57!

In light of the comments to our This Guy Is Toast post yesterday, we have adopted a new Rule!

“Definitely should be a Rule.”1knitchick.

“YES! YES! YES! I love all food names! Pork Chop! Waffles! Pancake! Taco! Nacho! Steakums! Riblet! Ham Hock!”Julie.

“Yes, PLEASE make that a new Rule!!! Because food names are Qte!” -G Mac.

“That is an excellent new Rule!” -Rhonda B.

“I’d go for a new Rule! My ex-s mom had an adorable cat named Muffin.” -Simulflow.

“That IS a good Rule! Just look at Chris P. Bacon.”Doomchild.

“My three pugs have food names: Won Ton, Mu Shu, and Kung Pao. LOVE food names for pets!” -Juli.

“Good Rule!” -Faye.

UPDATE 11:57am PT:

“Here are my three examples of Rule #57—“If you’re named after food, it’s cute.” Left to right, my fur kids are Won Ton (9 yrs old), Mu Shu (8 yrs old), and Kung Pao (5 yrs old.) -Juli K. (Their #1 fan and provide of treats, walks, and belly rubs.)

“WHOA! I just saw your new rule this morning and I would like to submit our new ResQte dog…….Cheetos!!” -Jennifer G.


UPDATE 12:56pm PT 7/11:

“Hi! Here’s another picture of Miss Biscuit. I hope it works! Thanks again for the site. I was most pleased to see the new rule with Toast’s picture!” -S.Turner.




  1. Yay! And don’t forget Rhubarb! All foodies are deserving of this rule!

  2. yorekani says:

    Chris P. Bacon will always be my favorite animal “food name”. 🐱

  3. My fish were named Proton, Neutron, Gluon, and Crouton. Does that count? 😉

  4. Do you ever wonder what would happen if the Top 100 CO “comment-ers” got in a room face to face?

  5. I agree with @yorekani. Chris P. Bacon shall always be my favorite food name. But I love them all.
    @haha. Wasn’t sure where you were going with that… I forgot about that rarest of sub atomic particles The Crouton!! Totally funny.

  6. I used to have a kitty named Biscuit, he was such a sweet, incorrigible boy.

  7. My kitties Mocha and Macaroni (NoodleFace) are proud, not that they didn’t already follow many of the Rules.

  8. Rhonda B says:

    @ Julie— that would be great! Of course, there would have to be lots of animal pals there too! It could be a get together like Comic Con only to celebrate pets. 🙂

  9. Love this new rule! My dad told me that he saw his vet walking past his house the other day with two dogs in tow – one of which was named Tater Tot! At some point, I’d like to have another dog to keep my current little dude, Oscar, company, and plan to appropriate that name!

  10. addacat says:

    Great, now all I have to do to get my cat Tuxie on CO is rename her Milkshake.

  11. 1knitchick says:

    My gosh, I have been quoted on CO. This certainly is a feather in my cap! Great rule!

  12. LOLs

  13. Kristin says:

    Sooo excited about this rule! Could we have a celebration day, perhaps 24 hours of pets named after food? I’d love to see the pet/food name combinations out there!!! 🙂