YAY 4 #RumpDay

The work week is officially 50% over. You know what that means- it’s #RumpDay! In this case, several squirmin’ Rumps (or if you prefer, ‘Tocks.) From Flickr.



  1. NathanF says:

    Omigosh, it’s a rump-day smorgasbord! Looks like a very busy day at the milk bar!

  2. Those puppies are pretty darn big, you can barely see poor Mama Dog! Betcha she starts the weaning process soon!

  3. woofiesma says:

    Thank you! What a bunch of adorable leetle doggie butts. Weegle, weegle. I want them all. Now.

  4. ….and don’t forget the mini chocolate chip toe beans…

  5. A squiggle of puppehs

  6. “Squiggle . . .” What an adorable collective noun! 8-D