“Hey Honey? Did You Change The Bed Yet?”


From Barb and Paul (Melting into puddles of sweaty goo in this hotbox called home in Concord.)



  1. Apparently, she’s never heard the saying about herding cats.

  2. Yes, I used to live in Pleasant Hill. Plus, think of the all the BTU’s your kittens are adding to the heat! If only we could harness the kitty BTU’s for the good of humankind and catkind! BTU = British Thermal Units

  3. Ah cuteness in droves! We have the same problem with our dear fur balls, so hard to make the bed 😛

  4. Even my kitties aren’t that sproingy (but I do only have two). Like trying to change sheets with a layer of jumping beans on top.

  5. At least she doesn’t have to lint roll the bed. Infested with cuteness!!

  6. Copperbat says:

    I wish my chores were made more difficult with a litter (herd?) of bald kittens! ❤

  7. OMG, I’ve never seen Sphynx kittens – it’s like they embody all the weird charm of the adults and all the sproinginess of regular kittens!

    I love at the end when they start jumping into the duvet – too cute.

  8. The bouncing. Oh dear heavens the bouncing.

  9. Ha, when I fist saw the picture before playing the video, I thought the bed was covered with rats! Cute though, I don’t know why changing sheets gets cats so jazzed up.

  10. Mamabear says:

    That was a rather satisfying video.

  11. I’ve heard one Sphinx kitty is a handful, but a herd of them .. oh man .. that loving momma has a lot of patience
    to put up with that munch energy and playfulness. I’m betting bath time is more that one person can handle.
    (They need regular baths due to the furlessness and skin oils)

  12. Saffron says:

    Geez, I though I was skilled and all because I can make a bed with a large marmie on it. I bow to this nice hoomin’s expertise!
    And the SPROINGING. DED.

  13. ckgrinnell says:

    Looks like the replicator on the Enterprise malfunctioned, and we now have a tribbles explosion … 🙂

    When I make the bed with my three furballs around, I bring some treats with me to the bedroom upstairs and toss some pieces downstairs for them to chase after. That buys me about 3 minutes of work time. When they come racing back upstairs, I toss some more for them to chase. After about 4 cycles, they wise up and STAY upstairs and go nuts on the bed and under the covers … 🙂