Calling All Lab Puppehs!

Last night, we wrapped up the evening at C.O. with West Highland Terrier Puppehs. Tonight, we’re trying the same thing with….Labrador Puppehs! Any objections?


Toss That Banana Here! I’ll Catch It With My Foot!

When you have to compete for lunch with a zillion other little guys- you need to get creative!

“From my recent trip to Bali and the Sacred Monkey Forest. Bold, cheeky monkeys will steal everything, even the hardest heart. Isn’t there a Cute Rule about a baby animal with its foot out? Species is the crab-eating macaque, though this one is eating a teeny banana. Thanks for being the antidote to cynicism.” – Carrie, Brooklyn, NY.

A Minnie-Sized TGIF!

It’s 5:00pm PT! The last Friday of the month means…well, the last TGIF! of the month, too! “I just caught Minnie mid-yawn, and wasn’t sure whether these shots could work for a TGIF thingie. But they were so cute, I thought you might enjoy them anyway!” -Debbie C.

Ohagi VS. The Ninjas

Once Ohagi gets his Tail Mojo workin’, those pesky little Ninjas (WHACK!!) don’t stand a chance. One by one…the bodies fall. Oh, the humanity!!!

Sneeze The Day

Ah..ahh..AHHH-CHOO. (*Speakers most definitely up.)

(Laughing Squid.)

This Guy Just Doesn’t Give A Hoot

After all, it’s Friday. Go ahead- dive bomb my head. Hoo cares?


Bunnehs Of The Sea (Part II)

Remember these guys from the middle of the month? They’re back. And they’re JUST as cute.
Some people say they look like Sheep, or Cows. It seems Sea Slugs and Sea Sheep and Leaf Sheep are all kinda/sorta related- whatevs, they’re awesome, no?



(Bored Panda.)

OK, Time For “If It Fits, I Sits.”

Yes, it’s a huge cliché. Yes, it’s totally appropriate for this series of Cat Photos.









(Lost At E Minor.)

Happy Ferret Friday!

Let’s have Clipper The Ferret start your day off with a bit of a piano recital, shall we? [*Note: I’d swear this is an Encore Presentayshe, but no way can I find it. If someone does, leave it in the comments and we’ll update the tag. -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: The Capybara

Big furry Rodent
That is a Capybara
No sound on this one

By Robb S. at Animal Cafes.