Caturday: “You..WANT…To Get Wet???”

“Gizmo (previously featured on Valentine’s Day) is shocked! Shocked and appalled at my habit of immersing myself entirely in water for cleansing purposes. He does not approve. Not even a little bit.” -Molly D.



  1. Copperbat says:

    So cute. I had a half siamese that loved baths and would climb into the bathtub with me. She had short hair tho.

  2. Rhonda B says:

    My beloved tuxedo cat Babi used to get in the shower with me. She was 20 years old when she went to the rainbow bridge in January of 2012. 😦 😦
    She would stand at the back of the tub where hardly any water sprays but her little head still got wet. 🙂

  3. wuyizidi says:

    My cat is what the SPCA folks called a “supervisor”. If I’m doing something, she would sit a little more than an arm’s length away, silently judging me, except when I try to take a bath. Then she would put her front paws up to the edge of the tub, lean in really close, and voice her disapproval with a very concerned look. It’s as if she’s saying “what are you thinking? If you drown, who would feed me?!” Never mind the fact it’s a standard apartment tub which means you can only really submerge half of yourself at a time. So her fear of water really clouds her normally astute judgment in this instance.

  4. MsMollyD says:

    Oh my gosh, Gizmo is totally a supervisor. He walks me to his food dish when I come home from work, he paces and meows until I get off the couch when he thinks it’s time for me to go to bed, and (as shown in this photo) he completely disapproves when I take a bath.

  5. Oh, the horror! Your boy wants you to survive another day. Someone has to clean the cat box!

  6. 😆 Your dear sweet kitty, Gizmo, wonders why you don’t wash yourself like he does, Molly D. 😆 You will have to explain to him that you are not as flexible as he is and this is the only way you can clean yourself 😆

  7. cats know stuff we don’t. Just sayin’

  8. Gizmo looks not just disapprovingly, but ever so slightly horrified! Kitties are funny! 😀

  9. @amyliz – yes, he looks really dismayed! I think he’s steeling himself to jump in and save her, even if it means getting – gasp – wet! 😀

  10. “Gizmo looks not just disapprovingly, but ever so slightly horrified!” — exactly right, amyliz! Like a human would actually and on PURRPOSE get wet! What kind of self-hating freak would do that? It’s almost too much to contemplate… 🙂 Does poor little Gizmo with the drying off portion of the event? Mine do figure eights around my legs … in the process depositing cat hair where I just shaved … I guess that’s another inconceivably idiotic thing that humans do. LOL

  11. Such a beautiful kitty; his eyes match his fur. And that expression! Priceless.