Watch Out! Belly Flopper!!!

Bruiser The Bear, who lives the large life at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida, has had ENOUGH of the hot weather, and he’s diving IN.




  1. Wow, that’s a straight isander-half gainer reverse dive with pike. Well…almost.

  2. Cooler than your average bear, Boo-boo.

  3. erikainhb says:

    Mom!!!! Watch me jump! Did you see that? again!!

  4. diane in los angeles says:

    I am so impressed that both the ladder and the pool are not yet shredded by the bears.

  5. Jenny Islander says:

    Wow, bears really are related to dogs! “Yay, sploosh!–Oh, hey, you’re holding something. Is it edible? Are you sure? Are you sure it isn’t edible? *sneef sneef* –OK, it isn’t edible.–Yay, sploosh!”

  6. grytlappar says:

    Man does that look like a great soak though.

  7. I just loved how eagerly (and fast!) Bruiser climbed the ladder och just threw himself in the water. 🙂

  8. I think this needs The Beach Boys “Everybody’s Surfing Now” music. Definitely a former surfer dude!

  9. The other bear is all “when it gets hot out, you can dig down a little to the cool, damp earth and …”
    “What?! I can’t hear you over all the splashing!”

  10. I love this! He’s so dexterous climbing the ladder and then getting back out – I had no idea.

    @Juan – yes, the other bear cracks me up – Bruiser is like “Dude, you’re really missing out – try this cold splashy stuff!” 😀