I Ain’t Going Nowhere Until She Uses the Crevice Attachment

FACT: Unsightly cat hair can damage delicate and expensive computer equipment. Protect your investment with the CuteCo CatVac 3000™! (Note: For stubborn build-up, ask the cat hair to get up and leave first.)




  1. We laugh, but it’s TRUE–cat hair buildup can lead to tragedy. I once needed an extensive cleaning of furnace coils thanks to my furbabies.

  2. That’s brilliant, just looks like there isn’t a care in the world!

  3. Hey, stop sucking up my spots!!

  4. Our first Siberian Husky would let my mom vacuum him all the time. Too cute!

  5. happy cat…

  6. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Such a bliss…

  7. Stressfactor says:

    There seem to be a few cats on YouTube who enjoy being vacuumed. For me, my dog tries to attack and ‘kill’ my vacuum cleaner any time I get it out.

  8. Oh, that brings back memories! We had a Siamese that would wait patiently on the sofa whenever he heard the vacuum cleaner. My mother would lower the suction setting and go over him. He was in heaven, too 🙂

  9. annette says:

    I’m always amazed by cats that embrace the vacuum. Mine heads for the hills (and by “hills”, I mean “under the bed”) the minute I open the door of the closet where the vacuum is stored.

  10. Mikeyfur says:

    Drat! I spit Diet Dr Pepper all over my keyboard over that crevice attachment remark.

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I should start doing this to myself. That’d probably help with the dust bunnies made of my own body hair.

    Why yes, I *am* a single guy living alone!

    When my childhood dog was a pup, my mom was very careful to always pair vacuuming with something fun and/or nommable. Sometimes she’d play tug of war with one hand and vacuum with the other. Sometimes she’d dispense treats as she went along. This tapered off as the doggle got older, as did the begging that happened whenever the vac came out. Left us with a dog totally unperturbed by the Dark God Vac’uum.

    Try this approach with your furbabies! Failing that, muttmuffs!

  12. 😀 @debg. I periodically take the side off of my computer tower to vacuum the cat hair out of it.

  13. @Saffron, you are wise.
    @BFB, you made me snortlaff. Sadly, my cats already fear the Dark God.

  14. 😆 This reminds me of a story my late Great Aunt Doris told us about her vacuuming one of two cats owned by her relatives (I have told the story before but it worth repeating). One took off and the other just laid there on the carpet. Aunt Doris just vacuumed up to the cat, gently vacuumed one side of the cat, flipped the cat over, vacuumed the spot the cat was laying on, vacuumed the other side of the cat, flipped the cat back over, and continued vacuuming. Two days later, the one cat, that took off, did it again when the vacuum came out, but the other one, that had been vacuumed, came running and flopped down to be vacuumed again. Aunt Doris was told that the cat that got vacuumed kept on demanding to be vacuumed every time the vacuum came out 😆

  15. Mingles' Mommy says:

    I find this amazing considering that my cats have been known to choke on their own hisses while running away from the vacuum.

  16. I snorfed a bunch of air laughing at the title…..crevice attachment…..HILARIOUS!!!