THIS JUST IN: Dramatic ResQte Of The Week At Ft. Drum!

[Say like Sheriff John Bunnell on World’s Wildest Police Videos:] “ just doesn’t get ANY more real than THIS. Ft. Drum, Jefferson County, New York….”

Info just in from Nicole S. “I’m a film instructor with I Was There Film Workshops, a nonprofit organization that teaches free, therapeutic filmmaking workshops to military veterans coping with PTSD. Last week (June 11th) we had a workshop at Fort Drum in NY. I was not on this workshop, and that’s unfortunate as we had THE CUTEST CRISIS EVER.

“A team of students and instructors noticed a TINY GRAY KITTEN who had climbed inside and gotten stuck in the side of an inactive Cobra helicopter on base. The helicopter was in a museum of preserved (but not in use) vehicles on base.”

“After feeding the poor thing some milk via drinking straw (yes, there are photos of that,) they were able to finally free the kitten by opening an access panel on the side.”

“A passing couple- a soldier and his wife- who had become invested in the rescue took little Cobra (who seems fine, if sleepy) to a local vet to get checked out!”

[*Note- we’ve emailed Nicole to get a Cobra Status Update. -Ed.]







  1. Nicole Witte says:

    Thank you for running this! Working on getting everyone an update on Cobra!

  2. Things like this shows once again what really matters

  3. Where is the rest of your unit, Private Kitten?

  4. Attention All!! The Annual Spring KITN (Kitten Intensive Training & Navigation) Emergency Response Drill has now concluded. Kittens may stand down. Over and out.

  5. meghanmckinney says:

    Aw! What a sweet kitty and I’m glad they could help it!

  6. So happy that these folks found Cobra! Kudos to them for their rescue. Hopefully little Cobra now understands the meaning of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat…”

  7. Stressfactor says:

    Yay for ResQte! I also hope Cobra manages to get a good home out of his adventures.

  8. Oh my gosh. When it had the Colonel Sanders milk goatee & was peering out of the hole with those pleading eyes I almost lost my mind. It’s possible I lost it completely & just haven’t come to terms with it yet. It looked so tuckered out when it was finally free.

  9. Oh my heart!

  10. Even more reason to love and admire our heros in uniform!

  11. Rachael says:

    Yet another reason to love our military peeps!!! Corporal Kitty was in most excellent hands the entire time. 🙂

  12. Yay to our heros in uniform! I wonder how the little furball got in.

  13. How did little Sergeant Fuzzy Boots get in there!? Seems like a teeny kitten wouldn’t be able to climb up that pipe thing and into that hole thing. And how cute is it that he’s the same color and pattern as the camouflage? ❤

  14. I see he’s already in uniform! What ever will he do when they switch to multicam?

  15. I spot RoC #44: ears at 9 and 3!

  16. Some good news today! Thank-you..I needed that! (I think we all did.)

  17. Emmberrann says:

    1. A curious kitten will squeeze its tiny body into any place it can fit its head. This goes for larger cats, too.
    2. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, but can make for some mighty anxious moments for rescuers and spectators. Felines just seem to gravitate to situations that turn dramatic. And they will do the same thing over again. All that cute floofiness
    comes with an oversized curiosity/trouble bump! I do love me some kittehs!

  18. I don’t know if those guys are officers (are those NCO patches) but they’re definitely gentlemen.

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    You can see a blurry staff sergeant patch in the background of the second post-extraction pic, so yeah, at least one of them is an NCO.

  20. elishab says:

    This is wonderful…….but that kitten did not crawl in there on its own. It is too small to do that, I assume the staff checked the area for momma cat just to make sure she did not get in there as well.
    Rescues are the best and this proves our military has a heart!!

  21. Very cute story, glad the kitten was okay, but I always think it’s important to remind people to NOT give kittens cow milk. It can make them very sick and cause diarrhea, doing them a lot of harm.

  22. This reminds me of when Isabella was a kitten. Our landlord came over to replace the soap dish in the bath tub. It had come off the wall. He left the bathroom for a minute to get some tools. After he left, I couldn’t find the kitten, I searched everywhere listening for her cries and calling to her. I finally heard her behind a door that the water heater was in. I opened the door and she wasn’t there but I could hear her calls very strong. There was a vent on the floor so I ran and got a screwdriver to get it open and there she was all full of dust bunnies and dirt. She had climbed into the hole in the wall while he was gone and got trapped in there when he closed up the hole. Thankfully she found the vent and I was able to find her and get her out. Kitties are quite nosy little creatures.

  23. The I WAS THERE film workshops FB replied to me that Cobra was adopted by a soldier and his wife, so yea!

  24. AWW 😀 I hope that dear sweet little Cobra has many long and happy years with the loving couple 😀