Auto Privacy Tailio

“This is how Poncho sleeps – on his back, butt exposed, no manners at all,” reports Julie H.

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  1. RosieLB says:

    Peek-a-boo! Eye see you!

    (I am so, so sorry)

  2. @Rosie, don’t be sorry. I laughed.

  3. He’s got SOME manners…nice privacy tail. 😀

  4. How can I see these? I only can see the very top of the video.

  5. Slippers says:

    I have the same problem as Katie. I can only see the tip of the video. This happens ever so often.

  6. Same here. Can only see a narrow slice of the picture, GIF, or whatever it is. Tried refreshing the screen, but it didn’t help.

  7. Rhonda B says:

    Me too Katie and Slippers. I can only see the top of this one. Also, I could only see the top of the earlie post of Taylor Swift’s cat Meredith.

  8. katmumx4 says:

    You cannot view these type of files in Internet Explorer, but they work in Google Chrome.