Like I Ain’t Sweatin’ Enough Already

Yeah, I like being a turtle OK. Shell keeps the rain off, kinda handy. Plenty of food right there at ground level, just help yourself. And of course, y’always know the way home, heh heh — boy, I hear that one enough times. Only complaint, really, this the hot part of the year ain’t the best time to be born wearing a turtleneck sweater.


Via Virginia State Parks.



  1. I love you, Mike! And this turtle loves you more!!! 🙂

  2. fka WaldenPond says:

    Buddy is all, where’s the visine?

  3. Love his Darth Maul fashion sense!

  4. @Lindy: I think he actually shops at Darth Mall.

  5. Wow, he is an old turtle – look at all those rings, and the flaring from years of growth!