I Want This Job

You get PAID to take care of and play with Pandas. In the Big J. Sign. Me. Up. (P.S. Wait ’til the 1:11 mark.)

Second video from Megan.



  1. I found this very disturbing. He’s shoving and hauling the cubs around. Rather than allowing them to play with one another or not he is interjecting himself into their interactions so he can create cuteness for spectators. This is not a good video to be showing on this site.

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    I agree. These animals were resting at the rear of the enclosure, where the paying public couldn’t see them, and the zoo employee was trying to make them put on a show. No wonder the other cub cleared off when it got the chance!

  3. Mikeyfur says:

    I’m with maryb and Alice…I didn’t care for this one either.

  4. Dianishhh says:

    I too found it a little disconcerting…

  5. I agree :S

  6. That handler is a jerk.

  7. Rachael says:

    I agree with the previous comments. I didn’t like how he kept trying to direct their play rather than allowing them to find their own fun. It shouldn’t be about the visitors’ experience – it should be ALL about those babies’ experience. 😦

  8. I just told my boss that if this job opens up for for me that I’m going to Japan to be a panda wrangler. He understood. 🐼

  9. Panda cubs are adorable all on their own. They can romp and roll with the best of them. Their little trot-trot-trot running is too sweet! There is no need to bully them into play. The keepers don’t do that at the National Zoo or San Diego Zoo. If you go to the zoo and the pandas are asleep, that is all you are going to see, a sleeping panda. The Chinese are pretty strict about how their pandas are treated. I wonder why they allow the Japanese zoo to get away with this. (China retain ownership of the pandas, they are not owned by the zoos, only rented).

  10. daisycam says:

    Yep, he definitely aggravated the one with the bamboo stick. Baby swiped at him. Poor little thing.

  11. I also agree with everyone’s comments. Banish that handler and re-educate the keepers!!!

  12. grytlappar says:

    If you’re going to make them chase you, then at least let them ‘catch’ you every now and then! Argh.

  13. I didn’t like it one bit. Leave them alone.