Fifty In A Twenty-Five, Mister!

I’m gonna have to see your operator’s license. Wait- you don’t even have any pants. Gonna need to call this in. You stand right there.

Arne saw this image here.



  1. I love that I’m not sure if the officer is “calling it in” or taking a picture of the bear!

  2. Maybe the cop is comparing him to a picture of a bear that steals picnic baskets? (You all know who I mean!)

  3. Occifer, Iz lost my mommie. AWWW.

  4. Y’all need to see this adorable comic someone drew of the bear and police officer.

  5. I don’t think that vest will protect her if the bear gets the munchies

  6. Awww! poor wittle bear! I hope he’s ok, looks a bit small to be out on his own but i’m no bear expert 😀

  7. But officer, I was bearly speeding!

  8. HHEEYYY BooBooo !! *Winks at David F err I mean Yoggie*

  9. Aww and looks like she is signing “need” in ASL, so it fits!

  10. The original site already took my ‘right to bear arms’ pun. I can’t bear that.

  11. Oh I get it. Bear jokes.
    You’re bear?! That’s a 311C: indecent exposure of the cute kind.

  12. oh jeez, my mom is gonna kill me!

  13. Some of these comments are becoming un-bear-able *ducks*

  14. Officer: Just what exactly were you doing in the woods?
    Bear: Oh sh**!

  15. Yeah, that’s cute, now where the heck is the mom? Remember the first rule of the jungle/woods/savannah woman:


  16. Another bad day for this bear XD

  17. Bad Bears Bad Bears. Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

  18. Killer Klown says:

    Only _you_ can prevent forest fires!

  19. ocelot252 says:

    Looking at the car I do believe this needs a “Great White North” tag.

  20. @ocelot252 is right… that’s an RCMP officer. Yes. It’s a MOUNTIE and a bear. If we could get maple syrup or beer in the picture, it would be a Canadian trifecta. (Yes, I’m a Canuck.)

  21. That photo actually spawned a whole fandom on tumblr – Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles!

    I think the theme song is my favourite fan creation: