Got some Wicked Pissah Side-Eye goin’ theyah too, Arwen. “Submitted for your Toesday consideration: Arwen’s toe beans! Her front paws feature pink jellybean toes arrayed around a black jellybean center. Her back paws are all pink. All photos taken by me. Thank you! Mara B.”




  1. so delish.

  2. I’d put these in my mouf….except I may lose an eye. Gently replaces beans, and slowly backs away.

  3. I Love the description and the photo! Your cat is so beautiful and I am so grateful that you shared the beans with us!

  4. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with dear sweet Arwen, Mara B. 😀

  5. Oh and I meant to tell you I Love the name and when you give a cute profile with the photo it increases the cuteness value exponentially!

  6. Saffron says:

    Arwen is a beauty. Awesome name too!

  7. But . . . but . . . we need pictures of the front beans, too! You can’t just tease us like that!

  8. Thank you everyone for the nice comments! I did submit a couple pictures of the front beans but they weren’t as good.