Mom Taxi XLVII: All Aboard!

[“Does this bus make a stop at the snack bar? My kids are REALLY wanting some pizza. But they’ll take yours, too.] From Maureen P.’s fave site, the U.S. Dept. Of Interior FB.

[*Note: Big day coming up tomorrow- TGIF! It’s #NationalDoughNutDay..we’ll Flashback to 1921..and take a quick trip to a Dog Café near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo! -Ed.]



  1. Jenny Islander says:

    Yyyyyieeeeeee not funny. D: Anything that has claws as long as my fingers and wants to come sit with me is NOT CUTE.

    That said, excellent photo of an Alaskan grizzly bear family.

  2. After being at Denali, I bet that guide paid that bear family in pizza and mountain goat jerky to make a special appearance. Nothing drives tourists into a frenzy like a golden bear up close and personal!

  3. Mikeyfur says:

    Definitely bears who have been fed by humans, and that usually ends badly. Especially for the bears.

  4. Mamabear says:

    Looks like a typical subdivision family chasing down the ice cream truck. Why won’t he slow dooowwwn?!!

  5. “What do you mean no riders .. You got a load in the back .. why can’t we ride ??”