The Adventures Of Eimear: Dateline, Perth

Clipboard01It is hard to keep up with Eimear. When last we saw her, she was hangin’ out in Bali with the monkeys.

Now she’s back home in Australia, and- well, what do they have a lot of in Australia? (Besides Wombats, Koalas, and Zombie Spiders the size of a 1972 Ford LTD Wagon. Right! -Kangaroos!)

As before, her travels are chronicled here, and her blog comments about each photo below are in the hovers.

“This is probably getting a bit ridiculous (I’ve got that Pokemon mentality with petting unusual animals – GOTTA PET ‘EM ALL) but today I petted some Kangaroos,” she tells us.


“They are so so so cute, a cross between a bunny and a cow, I think.” [A bunny….and a cow. A BUNNY…AND….A COW. Hmmmm. -Ed.]

“They chew on the grass like cows but they hop like bunnies and have bunny teeth. And they’re super soft.”








  1. If you want to pet roos in the US, you can do it at Tanganyika in Wichita, KS. I went there years ago and had a roo named Ariel try to eat my vest. It was adorable.

  2. Jendeyan says:

    Eimear quoting Sir Mix-a-lot. Kangaroos got back!

  3. Eimear, I shall travel the world vicariously through your posts. Thank you for sharing the Cute.

  4. “Paint me like one of your French ‘roos!” 😀

  5. phoenix says:

    Bunnies chew grass too…but like bunnies, not like cows 😛

  6. AB, I’ve been there and got to hold a LEMUR. Don’t remember petting roos, but I did feed giraffes and play with young leopards. Since it was hot, Ivan the snow leopard wanted a shower from the hose and I got to oblige. It was a magical day.

  7. You can’t jump like a ‘roo and not have large ‘tocks. Just sayin’.

  8. Patrick says:

    I think Eimear deserves a Ladies of CO calendar.nomination.

  9. Kangaroos like burnt toast?

  10. AwwI have my own tag? Thanks guys 😀