Whenever Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, or Gamara decided to get really feisty, they’d plow through poor old Tokyo. Then the good citizens would dutifully rebuild, only to see the next giant creature stop by for a quick smash. These people just did not grasp the long-term future of their city. Heck, they just gave Godzilla a Good Citizen Award. Or something.

Now comes……Hamzilla. Duck and cover, folks. Duck and cover.



  1. Look out, he is a real killer 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    OMG the trees are made of broccoli!!

  3. Ah yes, these are the folks who brought us Fuzzy Bunny is a Fighter Pilot. Their behind the scenes videos are just as entertaining. Very creative and the detail is outstanding!

  4. Run for your lives!!! It. Is. Too. Cute. Runnnnn!

  5. Oh, the hu-hammity!

  6. edmundh says:

    I lost it at the nom-able subway trains. Brilliant!

  7. one cranky lady says:

    The amount of work that went into this — the music, the sound effects, to say nothing of the nommable scenery — that was stupendous!

  8. Way too cute! My grumpy bum Syrian Ham Solo would never let me dress him up.

  9. Chris O says:

    GENIUS! And the macaroni Elevated!! GENIUS!!!!

  10. I really enjoyed this! These videos just keep getting better and better. This wasn’t quite as cute as the airplane dream video but it made my day!