Gonna Need A Bigger Tub

[*Note: In the grand tradition of the “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger (Fill in the blank)” cliché we use so frequently well, we are happy to present Cole & Marmalade, getting all geeked up for next week’s Shark Week hysteria. -Ed.]


Congrats To The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team!

They defeated Germany today 2-0 and will play the winner of tomorrow’s Japan/England match on Sunday for the Women’s World Cup title!

Gorilla Your Dreams (Part II)

Shabani was the star of Part I if you will recall. Now, we can all welcome a Bebeh Western Lowland Gorilla to Zoo Basel. Proud parents are Mom Joas and father M’Tonge. The newborn came online May 19th.




You’ll See Me In Your Dreams

[I am just gonna sit on your chest and stare at you like this. Even though you are sleeping, I KNOW you feel my presence.] (Imgur.)

#BestBuds: Puka And Rocket Larry

Meet Puka, a 4-year-old mixed breed with a cleft lip..and his pal Rocket Larry The Tortoise!

Puka was rescued in L.A. when a friend of Puka’s new hoomin noticed Puka with a homeless man, and was worried the puppeh might need medical care.

Puka’s hoomin had previously rescued Rocket Larry from an L.A. Craigslist reptile hoarder.

You can see more photos of these guys on Instagram.


Magilla GIF GIF

In the Poll we started earlier today to determine The Best Name Ever, we forgot to include Magilla Glub Glub, and Ellen W. helpfully mentioned this. So we thought we’d look for some MGG action, since we haven’t heard from his hoomins in a spell. Images from the MGG FB.

Grumpy Crab

He disapproves with a KILLER Side-Eye. From Ana G.

着物を着て猫 (Cats Wearing Kimonos)

We see so many Cute Trends that start over in the Big J. You know, Cats In Boxes (Maru.) Cats With..Food On Their Heads (Shiro & Friends.)

Now, we give to you- Cats. In. Kimonos.










(Fast Company.)

♬ My Kitteh Moves At Midnight ♫…

…Goes right on till the dawn
My kitteh takes me higher
My kitteh keeps me warm

(Oreo The Cat : Music by B., R. and M. Gibb : From Amy at LoveMeow.

C.O. Trading Cards: The Circle

Trading Card Toesday returns with one of the most famous cats in the world: Maru. Collect all our NEW C.O. Trading Cards here!